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AEME “Hands On Ductwork Cleaning” Course is now recognised as part of SVQ Units in Ventilation Hygiene Cleaning to gain accreditation.

Several of AEME’s delegates have obtained their SVQ Units in Ventilation Hygiene
Cleaning and utilised AEME’s “Hands On Ductwork” cleaning course as part of their
portfolio in gain the SVQ units in Ventilation Hygiene Cleaning.

Working with The NAADUK Training Academy, as the independent assessors and auditors, the
technicians from Overclean were the first to gain these SVQ units in Ventilation

The AEME course covers several criteria of the National Occupational Standards
within the Ventilation Sector, including the BSEBSE 01 (Health & Safety),
SUMMES25 (Inspect and Test Systems) and the BSEHV11, the National
Occupational Standards for Cleaning Industrial and Commercial Ventilation

This will help demonstrate, to your existing and future clients, that your
technicians, having been assessed and audited, are working to the highest levels
of competence and compliance.

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