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AEME Ventilation Hygiene Course

This two-day course is designed for companies or individuals who want to progress and expand on the Kitchen Extract cleaning side by adding Air Conditioning systems to their portfolio.


The hands-on and technical course covers cleaning both the supply and extract air conditioning systems.


The course has been independently reviewed and improved to cover criteria of the National Occupational Standards, including the BSEBSE01, BSEBSE02, and the BSEHV11 – the National Occupational Standards for Cleaning Industrial and Commercial Ventilation Systems.


At the end of the course all delegates take an exam which on passing, are issued with a certificate of competence and ID which enables them to issue an Air Hygiene project certificate to clients.


On completing AEME’s Ventilation Hygiene Course, individuals will then be able to register on Paddeco/NAADUK’s GT0F 04 SCQF Level 5: Ventilation Hygiene Certificate. This will allow them to apply for either a red trainee SKILLcard, or, if they have been working in the industry for five years, a Blue Experienced Worker Card.






Once the Paddeco/NAADUK qualification has been achieved individuals will then be able to apply for a Blue SKILLcard.

Paddeco/NAADUK’s certificate allows operatives to have their skills and knowledge assessed against the industry’s National Occupational Standards, helping to create a platform to then follow an upskilling program within the ventilation sector.  It will increase their knowledge of the principles, equipment, and components within a ventilation system, and will also introduce them to the process of decommission and the installation of components within a ventilation system, opening the door to possible maintenance roles within the sector.


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