Grease extract cleaning kit for removal of grease and cleaning of kitchen extract systems.


To order please email or telephone 01404 890088


This kit is designed specifically to make life easier for one of the worst jobs that require yearly cleaning. It is also designed for use with an electric drill.

Kit includes: 2.5 Mtr Extending High Strength Pole; 6 Scrapers which comprise of 3 half round and 3 Oblong; 1 x 5 Mtr Flex Drive Cable; 1 x 3 Mtr Flex Drive Cable; 1 x 2 Mtr Flex Drive Cable; 1 x 1 Mtr Flex Drive Cable; 7 Heavy Duty Grease Brushes. 1x Grease Brush Cable Connector; 1x Wet Film Thickness Gauge

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