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Ventilation Risk Assessment Course (RRAMS)

Duration: 1 day
CITBNI Registered No. 20581
Under Revision – available soon

Is this course for you?

A new course designed for the person responsible for advocating maintenance of air conditioning systems.

This course incorporates the latest in software and tablet technology to enable a full report to be carried out on the system, not only on the air quality but also the mechanical side of the system. This enables you to inform your client to forward plan any replacement component as well as ensuring the system is compliant to BS EN 15780 Standard.

All the relevant regulations, standards and guidance documents are explained and issued in a full training pack. 

At the end of the course all delegates take an exam which on passing, are issued with a Certificate of competence & ID which enables them to issue an Air Hygiene project Report and certificates to Clients.


The aim of this course is to ensure a level of competency that is both efficient and recordable. To ensure an understanding of air conditioning and ventilation systems in compliance with guidelines and BS EN 15780 and LPS 2084, EC852:2004 Quality Standard for legal and insurance purposes.

In today’s world of conscious wellbeing in the workplace, it is imperative to maintain a good quality standard of IAQ.  Breathing in air that is contaminated can cause serious risks to health and wellbeing.  It is beneficial to not only for the owners of a building but the occupants too, to ensure that the standard of cleanliness of the ventilation systems are maintained to a reasonable and acceptable standard.  Providing adequate monitoring will enable a systematic and methodical approach to maintaining the correct levels of cleanliness in a ventilation system.


What will you learn?

Upon successful completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Complete knowledge and understanding how Air Conditioning systems operate
  • Identify problems with the Air Conditioning system, or its usage, that may present an immediate or potential risk to personnel in the working environment
  • Install an Access Panels
  • Use of advanced reporting software to highlight urgent rectification and more regular maintenance
  • Understand latest legislative standards relevant to the industry.
  • Carrying out sampling procedures – PVT, NADCA and Dipslides
  • Advise clients on the condition of the system and necessary measures to rectify any risks

What is included in the cost?

The fee for the course includes the following items:

  • Lunch each day and tea/coffee refreshments
  • Comprehensive Training Pack including Training Manual & reference documents
  • Certificate of completion
  • Photo ID Card
  • Badged Holdall
  • RRAMS Software (www.rrams.co.uk)
  • Tablet PC with Software loaded

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